Thank you for selecting a personally crafted Artisan® memorial. For over 80 years, Buttura & Gherardi has been offering the finest quality memorial products available anywhere in the world.We take pride in our long history of crafting stone using methods of Old World design and artistry as passed down to us through the generations. Our forefathers in Carrara, the most famed sculpting center in the world, and in Verona, the granite memorials capital of Italy, established a tradition of fine craftsmanship that we are proud to continue in the products we make today.The elements of true quality that are so often overlooked will be evident in every detail of your memorial.This retailer has been chosen to exclusively represent us in your area.They have a heritage of furnishing the best in quality memorials, and they maintain the high ethical and moral standards that we require. We’re confident that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase and fully guarantee your product through this warranty.

We certify that your Artisan® memorial is crafted from the very best natural stone materials in the world. Our granite blocks are personally selected by our highly skilled stone buyers to ensure that your memorial is of the best quality in brilliance of natural color, uniformity, and clarity of natural grain.

We certify that after sawing and polishing these granite materials, our quality inspectors will upon inspection ensure that we have chosen only the very best of the finest granites to produce your Artisan® memorial. You will find no equal to the quality of stone selected for this Artisan® memorial.

We certify that your Artisan® memorial will be crafted using the finest methods of high attention finishing, fine steeling, edging, hand tooling, hand polishing, carving, etching, and sculpting. Careful attention will be noted in every detail, and final inspection will be made to ensure the highest quality in fit and finish of your Artisan® memorial.
Upon completion, you can be sure that your Artisan® memorial will be free from defects and will have passed the inspection of the toughest memorial quality standards program in the industry.

We certify that Buttura & Gherardi Granite Artisans will replace without charge any Artisan® memorial should it crack, check, flake, or prove defective due to natural causes. This warranty covers completely all aspects of the memorial as produced by Buttura & Gherardi, up to and including granite, finishing, sandblast, etching, and sculpting.

We sincerely appreciate your business and are sure that you will find this product to be of the highest quality in granite, manufacture, and design. This warranty is transferable to your heirs and the cemetery of register.

Thank you for your purchase.